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Informal  .  Spontaneous .  Fun  .  Natural  .  Adventurous .  Expressive . Unobtrusive . Professional  Creative  .  Inspiring  .  Artistic  .  Inventive  .  Resourceful  .  Original  .  Imaginative  .  Dynamic   .   Successful   .   Effectual   .   Capable  .   Competent   .   Qualified   .   Experienced   .   Prompt   .   Proficient   .   Trained   .   Talented   .   Incisive 

 So many people say they are “bored” of weddings.  Even many photographers openly say that they “hate” weddings.

What are they missing?  I honestly cannot say.

For me, weddings are colourful, vibrant , never to be repeated events – each one flamboyantly unique.

The people, the places, the choices, the dress, the décor, the detail down to the dancing.

All can be so beautifully choreographed and executed and everlastingly captured – not just for two people but for entire families, friends, crowds.

How can a wedding be boring where passion and beauty abound?


I’ve been photographing weddings for over 20 years and every one has turned out to be a stunning success. A masterpiece without disguise.

 I strive to pull out the stops whatever happens……..

 ……tracking the helicopter, racing down country lanes to Harewood House, to get the seamless images as it lands and the groom steps out……

 ……stopping traffic, lying on my back in the middle of the road, camera poised for the perfect slant……

 …...shoe heel broken, bride distressed.. smiles full of delight when presented with one complete mended shoe seconds before she steps down the aisle……

  …..standing on the passenger seat, facing backwards, head through sunroof, camera in hand as we travelled ahead  of the wedding party’s stream of Rollers, to get

       the absolute view …..

 …...scaling walls, lampposts, trees, even crawling on my knees to find the choicest angle……


 Creative   .   Inspiring   .   Artistic   .   Inventive   .   Resourceful   .   Original   .   Imaginative   .   Dynamic   .   Informal   .   Spontaneous   .   Fun   .   Natural   .   Adventurous 

 Expressive   .   Professional   .   Unobtrusive   .   Successful   .   Effectual   .   Capable  .   Competent   .   Qualified   .   Experienced   .   Prompt   .   Trained   .   Talented   .


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